Amazon plans to hire 250000 employees

Amazon plans to hire 250000 employees countrywide. Here are the states with the greatest jobs.

This holiday season, Amazon intends to hire 250,000 workers to staff its fulfillment sites across the country.

The online retailer and delivery behemoth is generally starting to ramp up for the holidays at the same time as the hiring expansion. Earlier this week, the corporation announced plans to hire more people nationally for full-time, part-time, and seasonal positions.

Amazon laid off thousands of employees in the retail, devices, and human resources businesses earlier this year. The majority of the 250,000 positions that Amazon is now hiring for will be in fulfillment facilities and in transportation, according to the business.

Wage Increases (Amazon plans to hire 250000 employees)

Additionally, Amazon disclosed intentions to raise pay for jobs in customer fulfillment and transportation. The business estimates spending $1.3 billion this year to raise the average pay to $20.50 per hour.

Amazon claims that within the past five years, the corporation has increased pay by $10 billion.

“A fulfillment or transportation employee who starts with us today will see a 13% increase in pay over the next three years—probably more,” said John Felton. Senior vice president of worldwide operations. “Including our yearly wage investments—and that’s on top of offerings like health care benefits from the start and prepaid college tuition with Career Choice.”

There are many employment at Amazon fulfillment centers that are related to packaging or delivery. But there are also many other professions that are available. Some of which are at the more than 50 recently opened fulfillment facilities.                                               

States that Amazon is employing most in this season

New Jersey11,500
North Carolina11,500
New York11,000

Go to the Amazon Jobs page to view positions that are available in your region.

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