Become an AI Tutor

AI innovations lead to job growth

Become an AI Tutor. Recently, AI technologies have been implemented in sectors like healthcare, banking, and retail. As a result, there is a demand for AI specialists, especially in natural language processing tutoring presents a chance to influence the direction of AI and advance cutting-edge technology.

Opportunities of AI Tutor

Surpass the competition. The need for AI tutors will only increase in the following years. You can simply transition to a new career. You can increase your income while developing the skills necessary for future success. It’s a remote, part-time job with a good salary.


Working with text: composing, rewriting, and editing text, customizing AI replies

Checking information: accessing open sources to verify information, proofreading text, etc.

Data labeling: classifying data and assessing its relevance, as well as censoring content.

Our ideal applicant

Has a bachelor’s degree in communications, linguistics, literature, psychology, or a related field. Is willing to pick up new skills, switch between projects, and follow complicated directions. Has demonstrated experience in English copywriting and editing.

What is the procedure for applying for AI Tutor?

It is distinct from a typical application. Toloka platform registration is required, as are various skill-testing quizzes. Please see the information below.

How to use for Become an AI Tutor

Once you have signed up for the Toloka platform, click “Apply now” and visit the Task Feed.

Do the first task: Provide a brief bio and an email address for communication.

Take four skill tests sequentially. You will have 2.5 hours to finish them all.

Check your email after three days to see the outcomes and the next actions.

Become an AI Tutor
Become an AI Tutor

Your queries are addressed

What happens if I’m already listed as a Toloker on Toloka?

Please fill out the form if you already registered on the Toloka platform. You will recognize Toloka, and access to the tasks will granted.

What kind of employment is it?

You will add to the AI Tutor jobs under the User Agreement. Which is not an employment agreement if you pass them.

How long will the projects take each week?

This is a fully remote, part-time position that could take up to 20+ hours per week to complete.

What will my pay be?

Each project’s payout is based on its complexity, with an hourly cost that ranges from $7 to $14 depending on your location and the task’s difficulty.

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