THE BEST SMARTWATCHES OF 2023, For better or worse, smartphones have altered how we engage with information, other people, and our environment. In the latter case, spending hours a day with your face buried in your smartphone’s display means you’re either missing out on what’s happening around you or, worse, preventing you from focusing on the opportunities to focus on the experiences in front of you out of concern for missing out online. You can put your phone away and still stay on top of your digital life with an excellent smartwatch. A wearable gadget is all you need to keep track of your calendar. Stay in touch with the people that matter, and monitor your fitness and health.

The Apple Watch Series 8 (now on sale at Amazon for $329.00) is the greatest smartwatch you can buy. According to our years of extensive testing of the best models. This is because of its excellent design, simple usability, and abundance of practical features.

The Apple Watch SE (2nd gen) (available at Amazon) performs a great job as a stand-in for the Series 8. If the price is too high while providing a very comparable style and many of the same capabilities. You should have a look at our top pick for Android, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (available at Amazon). If you own an Android phone, especially one made by Samsung.

Series 8 Apple Watch, The Best Smartwatches of 2023

The Apple Watch Series 8 is the best smartwatch money can buy because of its extensive feature set, minimalist appearance, and few faults. The Series 8 can manage phone calls and texting, and track your activity. Series 8 provide you with more information about your health than ever (including aiding in tracking your menstruation and sleep cycles). And do much more, all under the supervision of sleek and simple software. The Series 8 is still the greatest smartwatch available, despite not being a significant improvement over the Series 7.

There is a style for everyone, whether you choose an aluminium case with a sports band to keep you active. A stainless-steel case with a leather band to keep you connected during a hectic workday, or one of the new tough bands made specifically for the Apple Watch Ultra. The Series 8 is the ideal mate for your iPhone, and the setup is simple. It even functions as a remote control for the iPhone camera. It can inform you when your iPhone is nearby by playing a sound.

LTE model

If you choose an LTE model, you may leave your iPhone at home and use your wrist to place or receive calls and send and receive texts (a data plan is necessary). The OLED touchscreen on the Series 8 is clear, bright, and surprisingly simple to navigate with swipes and taps. The Always-on display makes it simple to see in a variety of situations. The watch’s Digital Crown can be adjusted for precise menu control or depressed to activate Siri.

GPS tracking, heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, reminders, and new temperature sensors for menstrual cycle prediction in the past are just a few of the fitness and wellness features available. The new Crash Detection technology, like the most recent Apple Watch SE. Apple Watch SE is intended to alert emergency personnel if you’ve been in an accident. Although the 18-hour battery life may be improved, you can extend it to 36 hours by using the Low Power mode introduced with watchOS 9.

Apple Watch SE (2022), The Best Smartwatches of 2023

The Apple Watch SE is a wonderful entry point into the world of smartwatches if you use an iPhone. This 2nd-generation SE model improves upon an already outstanding product by adding a speedier CPU, enhanced functions, and a few new ones. The most notable of which is accident detection. Which can notify loved ones and emergency personnel in the case of a car collision.

The Watch SE starts $30 less than the previous model and is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes in your choice of three colours. Which is a surprising but welcome decision from Apple. Like every other Apple smartwatch, the SE is a sleek, incredibly functional wrist accessory.

In addition, it excels in activity and lifestyle tracking, recording just about any physical activity you can think of (from swimming to pickleball) and keeping track of your sleep. Sadly, it has a far shorter battery life than the Versa 3 and is less adept at automating activity tracking. The SE should take roughly 24 hours as opposed to the Versa’s range of 4–7 days.

Apple still gives a limited number of watch face options. But at least you can customise the watch’s exterior by picking from hundreds of band colours and styles. The more expensive Watch Series 8, which also adds capabilities like blood oxygen level and temperature sensors. And sophisticated women’s cycle tracking is where you should look if you want an always-on display.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, The Best Smartwatches of 2023

The Android-only Samsung Galaxy 5 feels like a far more sophisticated device than its predecessor. The Galaxy Watch 4, thanks to a number of small but much-appreciated improvements to its battery life and design.

The Watch 5’s case has a curved back to better fit the wrist. The watch’s accessibility functions have been much improved, and its display is still brilliant. The options to remove UI animations, lessen transparency, and blur include a new high-contrast font, colour adjustments, and filters. A “Pro” version of the Watch 5 is also available; it is a little bit chunkier and less athletic. But comes with a larger battery and other enhancements for a higher price.

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