Face Massage A Step-By-Step Guide

Face Massage

We love solid skincare monotonous, but sometimes the secret to a strong, youthful visage goes beyond the lotions and liquids. No, we don’t mean whatever is invasive or intense. Actually, all you essential for that radiant, glowing skin are your hands and the knowledge of how to use them. A decent face massage might be complete like a weekend self-care ceremonial but sure targeted systems can help address all from wrinkles to firmness to circulation to smoothness delivering those shaped supermodel cheekbones you’ve been dreaming of. we give you a complete method of Face Massage And A Step-By-Step Guide for glowing skin.

Face Massage A Step-By-Step Guide
Face Massage A Step-By-Step Guide

What Does Massaging Do To Your Face?

Also being a feel-good procedure, a facial massage moves the facial muscles and gets the blood touching to create an even tone. It evaporates out pores and allows your skin care products to enter better.  Facial massage also drains the stagnant fluid that reasons puffiness in your face.

Types Of Face Massage

1. Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage

2. Shiatsu Or Finger-Pressure Facial Massage

3. Classic Facial Massage

4. Kobido Facial Massage

How To Do Facial Massage:

 A Step-By-Step Guide

Face Massage A Step-By-Step Guide
Face Massage A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Massaging Your Forehead

Place your projections between your eyebrows and change them up towards the hairline. Repeat this five times.

Step 2: Massaging Your Eye Area

Do not be strict with the skin around your eyes as it is very moderate. Use soft and gently sloping movements with your ring finger. Repeat five times. 

Step 3: Massaging Your Cheeks

Break your knuckles on your cheeks near the nose bridge and put down them across your cheeks towards the ears. Repeat five times.

Step 4: Massaging Your Mouth Area

Make a ‘V’ form with your index and middle finger. Place the fingers in a method that the index finger is overhead the upper lip and the middle finger is under the lower lip. Press lightly and pull near the ears.

Step 5: Massaging Your Chin

Place your palms under your cheekbones and massage to the hairline.

Step 6: Massaging Your Neck

Finish with the neckline. Massage in vertical strokes from the collarbone to your face in a rising direction.

Face Massage A Step-By-Step Guide
Face Massage A Step-By-Step Guide

Benefits Of Facial Massage

1. Improves Blood Circulation

Facial massage is similar to facial exercise and helps in improving blood movement in the facial skin. Research says that a five-minute massage on the face for a reliable period can really improve blood flow and help in glowing skin.

2. Reduces Stress

A self-pampering period at a salon or spa always feels decent, right? Face massage reduces stress by starting the sympathetic nervous system. The afterward time you are anxious or want to raise your mood, you know what to do!

3. Flushes Out Toxins

Facial massage changes the lymphatic fluid and frees toxins from your facial skin. The lymphatic system is a mixture of tissues and organs in the body that get rid of the toxins and extra waste materials from your body.

4. Anti-Aging Benefits

Face massage can decrease the appearance of fine lines and help succeed a smoother texture. When the powers of your face are tensed, they can reason wrinkles. Facial massage relaxes these muscles and creates wrinkles less prominent. As there is improved blood circulation with massage, collagen production grows. Collagen is a protein that saves the skin firm and prevents it from sagging.

How Often Should You Massage Your Face?

You can massage your face for five minutes each day. But go for an expert facial once every 3-4 weeks. This is your skin renewal round and a facial massage once every 28 days ensures smooth and even skin. 

Which Oil Is Good For Face Massage?

Skin TypesOil
Dry skinAloe vera, moringa, and chamomile oils
Oily SkinJojoba, grapeseed oils
Sensitive skinAloe vera, moringa, chamomile oils
Normal skinArgan, retinol oils
Acne-prone skinRosehip seed,  tea tree oils

Disadvantages Of Facial Massage

There are not at all disadvantages to a facial massage as such. But when completed incorrectly, you develop sagging skin more readily. Deep and uneven massaging can sometimes cause bruising and muscle soreness that may previous for several days. It can cause nerve damage in some cases.

Is Daily Face Massage Good For Skin?

Skincare specialists advise a facial massage at home three times a week. However, moderate massaging every day for five minutes does no damage to your skin. It helps in indorsing blood circulation and fading fine lines above time.

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