How to Become a Teacher in Dubai

How to Become a Teacher in Dubai, Completing teaching courses in Dubai that have been certified by the KHDA is an excellent way to begin a career in teaching.

Aspiring teachers can gain the knowledge and skills they need in these courses to succeed in the classroom. They give you the chance to network with other educators and get knowledge from experts.

The different processes and requirements involved should be understood by those who have successfully completed their teacher training in Dubai and are ready to mold young brains. There is an increasing demand for competent and experienced teachers in Dubai, a city with a thriving and expanding economy. This blog acts as a road map by describing all the information you require.

Teacher training courses, Become a Teacher in Dubai

A teacher training course’s curriculum may vary depending on the course and the organization that is offering it, but the majority of them cover core subjects like creating lesson plans, managing classrooms, and coming up with evaluation procedures.

A profession in teaching can be accessed through a teacher training program. It gives people the competencies and information required to work as instructors, enabling them to impart knowledge on a range of topics to pupils of all ages and ability levels.

With thousands of individuals migrating there each year, Dubai is undergoing a population boom. As a result, there is no more need for schooling. As a result, there are more schools presently, and there are more open teaching positions.

Teachers who want a new challenge and a chance to live and work in a bustling metropolis can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

Teaching profession in the United Arab Emirates

This blog explores the prerequisites for beginning a teaching profession in the United Arab Emirates, with a focus on Dubai. Additionally, it will guide you through the application process for a teaching job and give you information on the realities of teaching in Dubai.

By enrolling in KHDA-approved teaching programs in Dubai, one can lay the groundwork for a fulfilling career in education and expand their options for employment. After finishing teaching courses in the city, let’s take a deeper look at the teaching environment in Dubai.

Dubai’s requirements for becoming a teacher Post-Teacher Education

The possibility of teaching in the UAE, particularly in Dubai, gives a fantastic opportunity for those who have completed a KHDA-approved teaching program to get experience abroad.

To teach in Dubai, nevertheless, there are a few prerequisites that must be satisfied.

A Degree in Hand

A bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to become a teacher at a school. Although this degree need not have a strong foundation in education, it should be pertinent to the subject matter that the student plans to teach.

A high school business instructor, for instance, needs to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, economics, or a related field. On the other hand, the majority of Dubai schools require that the teacher has a bachelor’s degree in the subject area for courses like Biology and Mathematics.

Master’s Degree

A master’s degree or higher in a related discipline may be the key to a teaching career in some private schools in Dubai. For those considering a teaching position in Dubai, having an advanced degree can open doors to better possibilities, more attractive pay, increased job flexibility, and additional benefits.

Taking teaching courses in Dubai could change the game for people who are just starting their professions.

An established history of teaching

A history of prior teaching experience is required in order to secure a full-time teaching post in any school or higher education facility in Dubai.

Every country has a different requirement for teaching hours to obtain a teaching license. Individuals can perform internships, part-time jobs, or other teaching-related requirements for their bachelor’s degree (if they sought a degree in education) to accrue this experience.

Certificate of Good Conduct and Police Clearance

Those wishing to teach in Dubai must possess a good conduct certificate from their previous country of work, per KHDA standards.

A valid teaching license and permit in Dubai must be obtained with the aid of this document.

Some schools may also demand a local police clearance or other safeguarding checks as part of their recruiting procedure in addition to a good conduct certificate. This is common practice in the UAE, where educational institutions place great importance on the security and welfare of their pupils.

A current teaching certificate or license

You must first obtain a teaching license from the UAE Ministry of Education in order to teach in Dubai. You will then receive a teacher permit from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). Teachers in Dubai must also possess a teaching license or certificate that designates the grade or academic level. Such as preschool, high school, etc., that they are authorized to instruct. Depending on the grade level, the test’s content may change.

Conditions for Teachers in Private Schools in Dubai

To guarantee top-notch instruction and learning, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) establishes requirements for teachers in Dubai’s private schools. Before being hired, teachers must possess the required credentials. Through the Educator Permit System, KHDA assists teachers in satisfying these standards.

Private schools in Dubai are required to apply for an Initial Appointment for a teacher. Once they have selected a candidate for a vacancy. To secure a work permit for the instructor in the UAE, an Initial Appointment is necessary.

Depending on whether the teacher is a class teacher or a topic teacher. They must hold a degree in a specific field in order to qualify for an Initial Appointment.

A recognized Bachelor of Education (B.E.) degree, postgraduate certificate, or diploma in education. Master of Education (M.Ed) degree are requirement for class teachers.

A topic teacher

A topic teacher must hold a bachelor’s degree in the subject they will be teaching at the very least.

The instructor at a private school in Dubai must sign up on the Educator Permit System as soon as they receive their Initial Appointment.

The following conditions must be satisfied by a teacher in order to complete registration:

  • Subject Qualification
  • Teacher Preparation Qualification for Subject Teachers
  • Additional Qualification Requirements
  • Language Proficiency
  • Legal Status
  • Fitness to Teach
  • Good Standing
  • Mandatory Professional Development

Required Language Proficiency

A teacher needs to have an IELTS band score of at least 7 or an equivalent in order to teach English as a subject.

A teacher must have an IELTS band score of at least 6 or an equivalent to instruct in English.

As required by the relevant authorities and curriculum, a teacher must provide proof of language ability in order to teach a language other than English.

These standards are in place to make sure that teachers possess the language proficiency needed to instruct pupils effectively.

Required Courses for Professional Development

To keep their teaching licenses valid, teachers in Dubai must complete a list of necessary professional development courses. These classes address a range of subjects, such as dealing with strong individuals, diversity, moral education, sustainability, and well-being.

The courses must be taken through training providers who have been approved by KHDA. The courses are periodically examined and, if necessary, revised to reflect Dubai’s most recent priorities and strategies.

The descriptions of each of the required professional development courses are provided below:

Child Protection & Safeguarding:

This course discusses the moral and legal obligations of educators to safeguard children from maltreatment and neglect.

Dealing with People of Determination teaches teachers the knowledge and talents necessary to collaborate successfully with students who have impairments.


The idea of diversity and how it might be welcomed in the classroom are explored in this course.

Moral Education:

In this course, instructors learn how to help pupils develop moral principles.


This course examines how our lifestyle choices affect the environment and society as well as how we might live more sustainably.

Promoting students’ physical, emotional, and social well-being is something teachers learn how to do in this course.

Teachers who wish to give their kids the greatest education possible need to take these courses. They give instructors the tools and information they need to address the needs of all children, and they assist teachers in staying current on the most recent research and best practices in education.

We urge all Dubai teachers to take advantage of these required professional development courses. They will assist you in improving as a teacher and having a beneficial impact on your students’ lives.

Making an application for teaching jobs in Dubai Post-Teacher Education

Dubai’s expanding education industry is always in need of qualified teachers, making it a popular location for individuals who have completed their teacher training there. Here are some crucial actions to do in order to guarantee a smooth application procedure for a teaching position:

Investigate schools and other educational facilities

Before submitting an application for a teaching position in Dubai. You should do extensive study on the schools and educational settings.

Reading their websites, knowing about their academic programs, and comprehending the prerequisites for teaching positions are all examples of this. To gain a sense of the working environment and benefits. You can also look for insights in reviews written by past instructors.

Preparing for an interview

Interview requests follow successful applicants.

Research the school’s details and course offers in order to be prepared for the interview.

Practice responses to questions on teaching experience, philosophy, and classroom management techniques that are frequently asked during interviews.

Prepare your documents for Become a Teacher in Dubai

In order to gain teaching employment in Dubai, you must obtain the necessary paperwork. Such as: o A work visa.

Health assessment.

Check for criminal history.

  • Usually, employers make it easier to obtain these documents.
  • You should use a thorough strategy that involves study, planning, and close attention to detail in order to make the application process easier.

advantages of teaching in Dubai

There are numerous chances for skilled teachers in Dubai, a popular location for educators wishing to work overseas. People may be eligible to teach in Dubai after completing KHDA-approved teaching courses. Following completion of teaching courses, the following is a picture of the environment for teachers in Dubai:

Salary and Additional Benefits

Dubai’s teachers receive good salaries that are tax-free. Additionally, they can be qualified for housing assistance and health insurance. You may acquire the skills and information you need to be a competitive teacher by enrolling in teaching courses in Dubai.

Office ethos

Dubai’s educational system can be unique from other systems. Students from all over the world attend classes that are more intimate. Punctuality and professionalism are essential. You can gain confidence and get ready for the workplace by enrolling in a teaching program in the UAE.

Curriculum and Teaching Methodology Since American or British curricula are used in Dubai schools, teachers must be adaptable and flexible.

Professional Development Possibilities

Dubai has numerous opportunities for educators to enhance their abilities. Training sessions and workshops are often held by institutions like schools. These programs aid educators in acquiring cutting-edge teaching strategies and tools. Teachers may have a competitive edge by teaching courses in the UAE.

Housing Costs

Living in Dubai is pricey. To help with the expenditures, several colleges and institutions provide housing assistance and health insurance.

Cultural Adaptation

It could take some time to become used to the varied cultures of Dubai. Schools and organizations frequently offer assistance to aid instructors in adjusting to life and employment in Dubai.

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