How to become teacher in UAE

In this article we informe you how you can become a teacher in UAE

Qualifications to be a teacher

A new system of teacher licensing has been implemented by the UAE. Learn about the requirements and prerequisites for teaching in the United Arab Emirates.

Apply to be a teacher in the United Arab Emirates.

A bachelor’s degree or a four-year university degree in the relevant discipline is the minimal qualification needed to practice teaching in the United Arab Emirates. Both private and public schools in the United Arab Emirates are subject to this regulation. Other prerequisites consist of:

A record of criminal clearance

A UAE-based medical fitness report

Original academic credentials

Certified Certificates

Which must be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation as well as the nation’s embassy in the United Arab Emirates, in the event that the educator is a graduate of an institution located outside of the country.

You must speak with the administration of the private school directly if you wish to apply. After that, the school will send the relevant paperwork to the KHDA in Dubai or the Ministry of Education in the northern emirates for the requisite testing and final clearance.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge has specialized public service centers within its educational offices to receive applications from teachers. And handle appointments made through Abu Dhabi-registered schools.

Licensing system for education professionals

Education professionals working in the UAE are required to hold a “Education Professional licence.” To practice lawfully, teachers need to possess a teaching license.

To earn a license in the education sector, one must pass the tests tailored to each desired category.

The system then presents training courses that tailored depending on the level exhibited in the exam to attain the necessary outcome. If the applicant does not fulfill the exam standards.

The license applicant has three opportunities to submit an application. After failing three times, the candidate has the option to retake the exam after a six-month period has passed. During that time, the candidate can apply for and take advantage of the training programs. It provided by the licensing system to assure passing the necessary exams.

Discover the following services to apply for a professional license in education:

Apply for a transitional licence

Recognition of international licence

Professional conduct guidelines for the education sector:

The concepts and ethical standards found in the code of conduct for education professionals intended to increase accountability and awareness among those working in the educational field.

How to become teacher in UAE
How to become teacher in UAE

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