How To Contour For Every Face Shape


It’s crucial to keep in mind that an oval face has softer, more rounded features and is somewhat longer than it is wide when applying contour to these face shapes. The objective of contouring an oval face is to slightly shorten its appearance while sculpting the cheekbones and jawline.

Place your product on either side of the forehead to create a shadowing effect that makes an oval face appear smaller and shorter. The cheekbones should then receive a deeper contour because doing so will make the face appear wider and more sculpted. Apply the last bit for a chiseling effect along the outside jawline.

Apply contour to the temples and mix it upward and outward toward the hairline using the Hollywood Contour Wand. After that, apply a little swipe to the cheek hollows, being careful not to lift the product too high in order to avoid lengthening the face. Apply contour to the jawline’s outermost points and blend downward to create a more sculpted-looking jaw to finish off your oval face contour.


Natural features like strong jawlines and prominent cheekbones make square faces the most structured-looking face types. Instead of sculpting the appearance of a square face, contour is used to smooth out the appearance of squared-off features, making them look less angular.

The forehead and jawline should be the main areas of focus when contouring a square face. The corners of the face, which are frequently more pronounced and sharp on a square face, are softened by gliding product throughout the perimeter of the face to give it a more rounded contour.

Use the Hollywood Complexion Brush to blend out in gentle, circular strokes to help round out the appearance of square facial features. Apply a small quantity of product in the shape of a C starting at the top of the ear and extending around the cheekbone to make the cheeks appear rounder.


Because of their rounder jawlines and softer cheekbones, round faces are easily identifiable. A round face naturally results in a softer, less sculpted appearance, but by using carefully applied contour, you may give the appearance of a more chiseled framework.

The goal of contouring a round face is to give the appearance of soft, curvy features some structure. Deeper contouring of the cheeks gives the appearance of more sculpted cheekbones, and a smooth transition from the ear to the chin makes the jawline look steeper and more defined.

Apply your contour with your Hollywood Contour Wand shade in an angular motion along the cheekbones, starting at the top of the ear and moving down into the apples of the cheeks, then from the outside of the jaw up toward the chin. With the Hollywood Complexion Brush, soften any angular contours while being sure to concentrate the product where you want it.


With a wider forehead and a pointed chin, a heart-shaped face is similar to a love heart. Focus on highlighting the cheeks and shading the forehead when contouring a face with a heart shape to make it appear more sculpted.

Use the Hollywood Contour Wand to follow the cheek’s hollow, sweeping from the top of the ear along the cheekbone, then blending out with the brush’s larger end for a more chiseled appearance. Apply to the temples next, blending in sweeping motions toward the hairline as you move up and outward. Apply a tiny quantity of contour to the jaw last for a softening effect, concentrating the product on either side of the chin.


Diamond-shaped faces are longer faces with a pointed chin, high cheekbones, and a bigger forehead. The best way to shape a face with a diamond shape is to concentrate makeup on the cheekbones and forehead to give the appearance of a shorter forehead and narrower face.

When considering contour placement for a face with a diamond shape, nestle your product between the cheek pocket and temples to assist in softening the appearance of the facial features that are the most angular. The forehead and cheeks make features look more rounded when you contour them.

To soften the appearance of the forehead, use the Hollywood Contor Wand to sweep your contour onto the temples and blend upwards toward the hairline. Then, to sculpt the appearance of your face and highlight the cheeks, apply contor from the tips of the ears along the cheekbones.

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