How To Make Margarita Recipe

Three ingredients are all you need to make my go-to margarita recipe! There are instructions on how to create pitchers of margaritas for a large gathering or margaritas for a single serving.

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I will always have a special place in my heart for this renowned sweet, sour, and salty cocktail. Although I love margaritas in all forms—frozen, on the rocks, tequila- or mezcal-based, fruity, spicy, effervescent, creamy, you name it—there is nothing that compares to a basic margarita cocktail.

A classic margarita is actually a strong, tart cocktail made with three simple ingredients: high-quality tequila, orange liqueur, and freshly squeezed lime juice. This is in contrast to many of the diluted, super-sweet, and occasionally fizzy huge mugs of margaritas that are often served in restaurants around the world these days. You can quickly and easily produce a larger batch for a crowd or a single serving of this straightforward margarita mix. Served on the rocks, with or without a salted rim, it is just fantastic.

Over the years, I have developed a slight preference for creating margaritas with mezcal rather than tequila, which is something I heartily suggest if you enjoy a good, smokey cocktail. Additionally, I’ve included instructions below for making a spicy salted rim and muddled chile peppers into your drink, which are both delicious ways to add some spiciness to your drink.

In summary, if you share my passion for margaritas, spare a few minutes to go over my suggestions below and commit this easy recipe to memory. Together, let’s then mix a round of margaritas. Drinks!


Three essential margarita ingredients are all you truly need to make the best margarita mix:

1. Tequila:

Any kind of tequila can do, as well as smokey mezcal or sotol, although silver or reposado is generally thought to be ideal for margaritas.

2. Freshly squeezed lime juice:

I strongly advise juicing your own limes rather than purchasing store-bought lime juice for the freshest flavor. I can’t recommend this citrus juicer enough; it’s quite helpful when juicing in bulk and makes the process go smoothly.

3. Orange liqueur:

I usually use Cointreau, but Grand Marnier or Premium Triple Sec work just as well.

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1. Agave:

You can add agave syrup, simple syrup, or any other preferred sweetener to taste when sweetening your margarita.

2. Kosher salt:

You can use a lime wedge to rub salt along the rims of your glasses, and then you can dip them in coarse Kosher salt or margarita salt. (I also like to add an extra chili-lime kick to my salt by mixing in some Tajín.)

3. Extra lime wedges or slices:

If you want to garnish the glass with a few extra lime wedges or slices, save them.


Here’s a quick rundown of the steps involved in making a handmade margarita that serves one, with detailed directions provided in the recipe below:

1. Get your glasses ready:

To season the rim of your glass, just run a fresh lime wedge around it and then coat it with coarse Kosher salt. Wait to use the glass until you’re ready.

2. Put everything in a cocktail shaker and mix it up:

In a cocktail shaker, combine the tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur, and a few ice cubes. (Alternatively, you can shake the ingredients in a mason jar or stir them in a measuring cup if you don’t have a cocktail shaker.)

3. Shake, shake, shake:

vigorously shake (or vigorously whisk!) the mixture for about 10 seconds, or until it is cooled.

4. Taste and adjust sweetness as needed:

Taste the margarita mixture and adjust the sweetness by adding a teaspoon or two of agave (or simple syrup) at a time until the mixture is as sweet.

5. Pour and present on a bed of rocks.

To make the margarita mix melt more slowly, strain it over a few ice cubes (I usually use one huge ice cube for this purpose), then top with a slice of lime.


Pitcher margarita recipe details are in the recipe below, but here’s a quick rundown of how to do it:

1. Set up your glasses:

To salt your glasses, just run a wedge of fresh lime over the rims and then dip them in coarse Kosher salt. The glasses should be set away until needed.

2. Combine all of the ingredients in a big pitcher and stir:

In a large pitcher, combine the tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur, and a handful of ice; swirl to mix.

3. Taste and adjust sweetness as needed:

After tasting the margarita mix, if you feel that it needs more sweetness, add a tablespoon or two more agave (or simple syrup) at a time until the cocktail is as sweet as you like.

4. Present on a bed of rocks:

To make the margarita mix melt more slowly, add a few ice cubes to each serving glass (I usually use one large ice cube for this purpose). Finally, top each glass with a lime slice.

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