Makeup tutorials for bridesmaids

For a SOFT, SHIMMERING makeup look that’s ideal for feeling your best when celebrating LOVE, check out Charlotte’s classic blushing Makeup tutorials for bridesmaids.

The BIG DAY is approaching, darlings! Charlotte is aware that organizing your bridesmaids’ cosmetics is a difficult undertaking in addition to preparing the hen party, practicing your reading, and reducing last-minute anxiety. In order to create beauty MAGIC for bridal parties everywhere, she has created a blushing bridesmaid beauty tutorial.

From the moment you walk down the aisle with the stunning bride to the moment you hit the dance floor into the wee hours, this SOFT, SHIMMERING makeup look will help you look and feel gorgeous all day long. When the wedding images start to pour in, you’ll love to look back on this TRADITIONAL bridesmaid makeup style!



Every bridesmaid makeup instruction should begin with a discussion of skincare, and Charlotte is an expert on HYDRATING, ETHEREAL SKIN. Apply Glow Toner with a delicate cotton pad to a clean face to gently exfoliate while laying the groundwork for your glow. After that, gently massage in Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir and Magic Eye Rescue to deeply hydrate the skin. Say “I do” to Charlotte’s Magic Cream moisturizer, which is the key to FEELING NOURISHED, HEALTHY-LOOKING skin and a flawless base for ANY makeup look.

Makeup tutorials for bridesmaid
Makeup tutorials for bridesmaids


Take a trip to a far-off spa and use Collagen Superfusion face Oil as a LUXURIOUS face treatment to relax before the wedding. Apply a few drops, then gently massage them into the skin. Charlotte’s collagen matrix and strong plant extracts will revitalize the skin with calming and plumping properties, leaving behind a FRESH-FROM-THE-FACIALIST shine.


Looking HAPPY and HEALTHY is key for the complexion, both in person and in wedding photos! Start by applying Charlotte’s Hollywood Flawless Filter to the high points of your face and blending it throughout your base for an ALL-AROUND GLOW to bring out your inner STARLET. Apply Magic Vanish under the eyes with little coverage to mask the appearance of dark circles and discoloration. Then, apply Charlotte’s NEW Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer to conceal fine wrinkles and blemishes while enhancing the appearance of your undereye area.

Tilbury Try Charlotte’s Wonderglow illuminating primer for a BORN-TO-GLOW complexion as a suggestion.


Natural-looking brows are always in trend; maintain them with Charlotte’s two-step brow routine for bridesmaids and supermodels alike. Make quick, flicking motions to resemble the appearance of fine hairs and concentrate product in any sparse areas as you follow the curve of your brows with the Brow Cheat micro-precision brow pencil in a color that complements your roots. Then, to achieve a more feathery appearance with greater definition, comb Legendary Brows colored brow gel into your brow hairs.


The hues you need are included in Charlotte’s Bigger, Brighter Eye Palette in Exagger-Eyes to make a GLISTENING eye look that is SOFT and SUBTLE with a hint of SHIMMER. Use a soft blending brush, such as Charlotte’s Eye Blender Brush, to mix the DEFINE shade into the crease to create a wash of color that highlights the eye socket. Apply the ENLARGE shade with your finger, creating a delicate, metallic sheen on the lid. Pack the POP hue onto your inner corner with a dense brush, such as Charlotte’s Eye Smudger Brush, for a dash of eye-opening sparkle. Apply Charlotte’s Eyes To Mesmerise cream eyeshadow in magically matching Exagger-Eyes to the center of the lid as a brilliant focus for an even more MESMERISING appearance.

Makeup tutorials for bridesmaid
Makeup tutorials for bridesmaids


The Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes mascara and Classic pencil eyeliner are the ideal set for giving your eyes some dreamy dimension. Use The Classic in Classic Brown to create a gentler version of the traditional winged eyeliner. Keep the tip of the pencil clean and sharp and carefully follow the top of your lash line. If required, touch up with Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer. Brush your mascara wand through the lash line, coating from root to tip, paying special attention to the outside hairs for more lift and volume, and don’t neglect the lower lashes for added dimension. This will enhance your lashes.


Charlotte’s beauty tip for matching your bridesmaids’ makeup to your outfit is to wear a nude lip! The secret is a kiss of color in a fairly natural hue and a bit of definition. Lip Cheat lip pencil in Iconic Nude should be used to trace the outline of your lips. Tinted Love in Petal Pink should then be used to mix the two colors together, resulting in a TANTALIZING TINT that will enchant any eligible guests.


In order to replicate the ROSY, FLUSHED appearance of LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, Charlotte invented her Beauty Light Wands. Choose Pillow Talk Original, dab a few dots on either cheek and then mix with Charlotte’s Hollywood Complexion Brush to become a BLUSHING BRIDESMAID. Apply Spotlight as a golden highlight to complement your radiant grin and blend a dot or two on the tops of your cheekbones for a CANDLELIT GLOW.

Makeup tutorials for bridesmaids
Makeup tutorials for bridesmaids

Step 9: Secure your appearance

Charlotte’s AIRbrush beauty secrets will help your MAGICAL bridesmaid makeup look endure while you dance the night away. While setting your other products in place, Airbrush Flawless Finish powder applied with Charlotte’s Powder & Sculpt Brush will provide the look of smooth, airbrushed skin. To assist minimize creasing and unwelcome shine, concentrate your powder in the T-zone and beneath the eyes. Finally, spray the face with Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray to seal in your appearance for up to 16 hours*.

MAKEUP TUTORIAL FOR BRIDESMAID. It’s your chance to pass along Charlotte’s TILBURY TIPS to your fellow bridesmaids now that she shared her best-kept beauty secrets for bridesmaid makeup with you. You had named the MAID of MAKEUP MAGIC. Give the gift of BEAUTIFUL BRIDESMAID MAKEUP by passing along the SKILLED ADVICE from Charlotte’s bridesmaid makeup tutorial to the entire bridal party!

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