Night Time Skincare Routine


Night Time Skincare Routine: It’s time to TAKE IT ALL OFF after a hard day! Even tough, waterproof makeup can be easily removed with the help of my gentle, biphase makeup remover, which also effortlessly dissolves long-lasting lipstick and eyeliner. The chamomile-infused oil-based solution hydrates and conditions the eyes, lips, and lashes while providing a tranquil, soothing sensation. Just shake, soak, and swipe to make it simple!


The second stage in your nighttime skincare regimen is to use my divine Goddess Cleansing Ritual to perform a revitalizing double cleanse. This two-step washing system uses a Purifying Charcoal Cleanser and a Citrus Oil Radiant Cleanser to melt away makeup and pull out impurities, leaving skin feeling clean and revitalized after a long day. Massage the citrus cleanser into dry skin in gentle circular movements, then remove it with a moist cloth. For a spa-clean finish, use the intensely purifying charcoal cleanser over damp skin.


Treat your skin to a delicious face mask before going to bed. Applying a face mask provides the ideal opportunity to unwind and unwind while also helping to repair and revitalize the skin. Goddess Skin Clay Mask is a hydrating clay mask that was created as a result of my love for Ibiza. Its Mediterranean-inspired beauty formula contains Spanish clay to minimize the look of pores and produce a lovely, brightening impact on the skin. Every night, apply the clay mixture to the face and let it sit for 20 minutes to receive a nourishing facial that reveals GODDESS SKIN.


Apply Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum to the eye area for a dreamy, depuffing effect to care for tired-looking eyes. This energizing eye serum helps your eyes look awake and refreshed morning and night thanks to its formulation of ICEAWAKETM and a caffeine compound for smoother, brighter-looking under eyes. Innovatively designed to accommodate the eye area’s natural curves, the metal part glides over skin with a chilly feeling reminiscent of cryotherapy. It’s the soothing bedtime routine your under eyelids require!


Apply Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir morning and night to offer the skin 24-hour moisture! Infused with polyglutamic acid, a moisture-retention ingredient that increases hydration by four times more than hyaluronic acid. This super-serum delivers the skin intense hydration and aids in keeping it enchantedly moisturized all night. The composition includes REPLEXIUMTM. Which acts as a fountain of youth to bathe your skin in moisture night after night. As well as golden vitamin C for a lovely, brightening effect.


The ideal time to use a strong eye cream like Magic Eye Rescue is at night. This nourishing overnight repair cream for the eye area helps you wake up with brighter-looking undereye circles. To your rescue, this potent solution contains time-released retinol to diminish the appearance of puffiness. Plump the look of the eye area, and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Give the eye area an IMMEDIATE EYE REFRESH by gently applying Magic Eye Rescue with your ring finger!

MAGIC NIGHT CREAM (Night Time Skincare Routine)

The secret to waking up with magically moisturized skin that feels and LOOKS FIRM, SMOOTH, and PLUMP is to apply Magic Night Cream! I developed my Magic Night Cream as BEAUTY SLEEP IN A JAR, putting a magic matrix of skin-loving ingredients into it. Such as winter daphne stem cell extract to smooth and tone the appearance of the skin. Time-released retinol to reduce fine lines and provide a firming effect. And red algae marigel to strengthen and soothe overnight. Its rich texture and research-based formulation bathe the face in skin-saving balm for much-needed nighttime nutrition.

SOOTHING FACIAL OIL (Night Time Skincare Routine)

My SPA IN A JAR is my Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil! This wonderful face oil is loaded with avocado, olive, raspberry seed, and blueberry seeds. And evening primrose to relax, nourish, and hydrate the skin. Making it the ideal facial treatment to use before bed. Nighttime is the ideal time to revel in the calming properties of essential oils. To reveal beautiful, spa-like radiance, lightly press a few drops of the weightless oil into the skin. And make delicate pressing motions to allow it to permeate! Along with robust plant ingredients to provide the skin with SPA-LIKE RADIANCE before bed. The product is also loaded with a potent collagen matrix to make skin look and feel smoother, firmer, and more elastic.

CONDITION AND CUSHION THE LIPS (Night Time Skincare Routine)

Darlings, Did you know that Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir. In addition to looking stunning during the day, can also be used as a conditioning overnight lip mask. Apply my magic lip oil by rolling a small amount onto the lips and massaging it in to deeply hydrate and nourish the lips. Infusing it with a 5-crystal complex and strong plant extracts. I devised my rollerball lip oil to have the strength of a serum and the comfort of oil and offer amazing moisture with a lovely, glossy finish. You can wake up from your beauty sleep with luscious lips thanks to the silky-smooth formula’s ability to minimize the appearance of vertical lip lines and lock in moisture.

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