Microsoft has Finally Killed Off Cortana on Windows 11

Microsoft has formally discontinued the Cortana app for Windows 11.

Cortana has received an update that turns the virtual assistant off. This action was taken three years after Microsoft’s Cortana apps for iOS and Android were discontinued.

You will see a message saying that Cortana is no longer supported and a link to a support article outlining the change if you try to run the software on a Windows 11 PC.

Microsoft Announces Strong Profits Despite a decline in PC and Windows sales

Microsoft intends to end Cortana support for Microsoft Teams mobile, Microsoft Teams Display, and Microsoft Teams Rooms in the autumn of 2023. It’s interesting to note that Microsoft has stated Cortana would continue to be accessible within Outlook mobile.

The beginnings of Cortana can found in its function as a virtual assistant on Windows Phone. Later, in 2015, Microsoft included this assistance in Windows 10. It boasted features including reacting to voice queries, creating reminders, and starting applications, and smoothly incorporated into the Windows 10 taskbar.

Microsoft has Finally Killed Off Cortana on Windows 11. Microsoft first included Cortana in the Windows 11 taskbar and the initial boot setup. But subsequently removed her from both while continuing to support the standalone app until recently. The financial results for Microsoft’s fourth and last quarter of its fiscal year 2023 had released. In the fourth quarter, the firm reported $56.2 billion in revenue and $20.1 billion in net income, an increase of 8% in revenue and 20% in net income.

While Windows and device sales continued to decline this quarter, Xbox witnessed a small improvement, notably in terms of content. The ongoing success of Microsoft’s cloud, office, and server businesses more than offset the decline in the PC market.

PCs and Windows

Revenue from Windows and devices did not perform as well overall in fiscal 2023 as it did in fiscal 2022.

Windows enhances the performance of gaming hardware and fixes a bug.

Each of the four quarters of the fiscal year saw a significant decline in the revenue from Windows OEM, the fee that PC manufacturers pay to Microsoft for installing Windows on their laptops and personal computers. Microsoft cites the 12% decline in Windows OEM revenue in Q4 mostly on the state of the PC industry.


Xbox hardware sales fell by 13% in the fourth quarter, which may indicate that Microsoft is still dealing with supply chain problems and waning interest in its Xbox Series S/X consoles. Alternately, it might be associated with Microsoft’s more comprehensive strategic strategy. Which compares the costs of hardware with the potential benefits of content and cloud services.

Office and the Cloud

Microsoft’s cloud businesses continue to be its key sources of income. There are now 67 million Microsoft 365 Consumer subscribers, an increase from the reported 65.4 million during the previous quarter.

Office 365 Commercial revenue increased by 15%, contributing significantly to a 12% year-over-year increase in revenues from commercial Office products and cloud services. This quarter, the intelligent cloud segment of Microsoft reported revenues of $24 billion, an increase of 15%.

Azure and other cloud services, which witnessed revenue growth of 26% this quarter due to strong demand for Microsoft’s consumption-based services, were a big component in this rise.

Sony might soon release a less expensive PlayStation 5 Slim.

However, Xbox content and service income, which includes Xbox Game Pass, has increased by 5%. Additionally, there was a 1% little increase in overall gaming revenue.

Sony Announces Record third-quarter Earnings Due to Successful PS5 Sales

According to rumors, the purported PlayStation 5 Slim will support a removable disc drive as one standout feature. According to the same rumors, this feature might not work with the current models.

It is not surprising that a PlayStation 5 Slim hardware revision had referenced in the paper given Sony’s history of producing slimmed-down iterations for its systems. This procedure had used by Sony ever since the launch of the first PlayStation.

The Microsoft-Activision merger is detrimental to gamers, says a UK regulator

Microsoft has Finally Killed Off Cortana on Windows 11. It is logical to presume that the Japanese corporation will soon reveal the new model’s design. Any distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from the current models since its arrival anticipated this year.

Microsoft has made it considerably easier to fix Xbox controllers.

Microsoft has Finally Killed Off Cortana on Windows 11. Cortana struggled to match the skill of rivals like Alexa and Google Assistant despite undergoing a big overhaul for iOS and Android. According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Cortana’s trajectory strongly correlated with the difficulties that Windows Phone encountered. He freely acknowledged that Cortana had lagged behind its competitors.

Microsoft, in terms of the future

In terms of the future, Microsoft is creating “Windows Copilot,” a brand-new sidebar feature made specifically for Windows 11. By utilizing Bing Chat’s capabilities, this new assistant will be able to control Windows settings, respond to questions, and carry out a number of other tasks.

Windows Copilot anticipated to launch this autumn as part of the upcoming Windows 11 release. Which will also bring built-in support for the RAR and 7-Zip formats.

Microsoft has Finally Killed Off Cortana on Windows 11. Microsoft’s online store now sells first-party Xbox controller replacement components, which considerably lowers the price and difficulty of repairs.

You can quickly buy replacement boards, sticks, buttons, covers, and more from the Microsoft Store. Whether you possess the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller or the basic Xbox Wireless Controller.

Users who are having problems with their controllers, such as damaged shoulder buttons or drifting sticks. It will appreciate this decision because it eliminates the need for them to rely on outside vendors for parts and repair information. This approach can be more affordable than purchasing brand-new controllers, which can cost as much as $179.99 for the Elite Series 2 or $59.99 for the regular version.

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